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Special: Desmo Tracker by RSD

The idea in itself was just crazy: taking Ducati Desmosedici RR’s frightening 197 hp engine and build a dirt track bike around it.
Come on, just tearing it off from where it is supposed to stay sounds like blasphemy to most people.

Roland Sands, owner and founder of RSD (Roland Sands Design), knew that only too well, and yet, undeterred, he decided it could be done.

Following some well-documented month of development and testing, the outstanding outcome of that crazy idea has finally arrived, and boy it is indeed a stunner: meet the Desmo Tracker by RSD.

As Mr.
Sands himself admits, the making of the Desmo Tracker was no piece of cake, and we have to give him some serious credit for coming up with the jaw dropping one-off you can admire on our photo gallery and see in action in the above video.
Beside the astonishing 989cc V4 engine (which has an output of 197 hp with 116 Nm of peak torque, redlines at 16,000 rpm and weighs only), the RSD team managed to maintain Desmosedici’s original frame as well, but basically everything else has been built from scratch.

Let’s not forget that the Ducati Demosedici RR completely blew away the motorcycle industry when it debuted in 2008 in as the only true street legal Moto GP race bike available to the general public.
We wonder what they think of the Desmo tracker in Borgo Panigale.
To find out more about the whole Desmo Tracker project, check out RSD’s official website.
View the full RSD Desmo Tracker photo gallery

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