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Piaggio Liberty 2009: style and technics

Over half a million units sold, Piaggio Liberty is an absolute protagonist on the high-wheel scooter market.

piaggio liberty
piaggio liberty 2009

Piaggio has released its new scooter range in time for spring, including the Liberty 50, 125 and 150. Along with the Carnaby Cruiser 300 ie and the Beverly Tourer 300 ie. We take a look at the Liberty, which has been updated in style and some technical components.

The Piaggio Liberty

The Liberty 50 has both two and four stroke engines, while the 125 and 150 cc are a benchmark of agility in the scooter market. Also, the new Piaggio Liberty style shows front handlebar-mounted headlight with chrome features. This included the storage compartment and instrument panel, and smaller touches such as the painted rear handle and heat shield for the silencer. Indeed, the saddle has been lowered by ten millimeters and is also longer for greater passenger comfort, further enhanced by new fold-out footrests. An even lower saddle is an optional extra, designed with female users in mind.

Piaggio Liberty 2009 Some attention has been paid to the chassis, with updates to the tubular steel frame, while the alloy wheels, at 16 and 14 inches front and rear, with 90/80 and 110/80 tyres are also new. The front disc brake has a larger diameter at 240 mm, and a double piston calliper. Making improvements with respect to the 2008 Liberty S version.

The versatility of the Piaggio Liberty is proven by its extensive engine range, including the 2-stroke 50 cc, and the four-stroke 125 and 150 cc. The latter is a twin valve air cooled unit, giving the scooter decisive response in city traffic. While being ideal for longer urban travel, the 125 cc four-stroke is a balance between performance, accessibility and economy. It has the same chassis as the 150 cc, but greater metropolitan mobility. Both models have a seven litre tank, offering a longer range. The 50 cc engine gives younger users and female riders the choice of a snappy two-stroke or the efficiency and economy of a four-stroke.

Very comfortable and equipped scooter

The 2009 Piaggio Liberty offers a standard rear luggage rack, fold-out passenger footrests, under-seat compartment. It will hold a demi-jet helmet and further storage at the rear of the leg shield.
Accessories available include top cases, windshield, electronic alarm, mechanical antitheft chain, leg cover, lowered saddle and a range of demi-jet helmets. Colours available are: Pulsar Grey, Midnight Blue, Perla White and Cosmo Black for the 125 and 150 cc versions. Pulsar Grey, Andromeda Blue, Perla White and Cosmo Black for the 50 cc versions. Rumors confirms that Piaggio will release in 2010 new models whit one called LibertyElle”.

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