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Adventuriders on a scooter: Elefantentreffen 2009 videos

23 April, 2020
We have already introduced you to our intrepid Italian elefantentreffen team and their adventure in the cold and ice is now seriously underway. For daily details of their excursion, check out the day-by-day elefantentreffen log on motoblog.it (in Italian).Below we…

2010 Scooters: Piaggio NRG Power 50

22 April, 2020
The Piaggio NRG Power 50 has new graphics for 2010, showing plenty of flair on this small sports scooter. The NRG is one of Piaggio’s sportiest scooters available, equipped with 50 cc engines and 13-inch wheels.The distinctive design includes a…

Eicma 2008: Piaggio MP3 Hybrid

22 April, 2020
Piaggio has presented its new MP3 Hybrid at the motorcycle show, Eicma, in Milan. This is a special motorcycle equipped with a hybrid system, destined for the urban motorcycle market. With plenty of development and research going into alternative and…

2011 EICMA: Piaggio Group line up

21 April, 2020
The Piaggio Group showcases many models from all of its brands at the 2011 EICMA. We already introduced Piaggio X10, Aprilia SRV 850 and Vespa Quarantasei, now let’s have a quick look through the other most significant ones. Moto Guzzi…

Piaggio Group gets 60 million euros from EIB for R&D

20 April, 2020
It’s nice to know that European Union hasn’t cut back on everything and still believes in financing viable projects in order to help meet policy objectives, so their nonprofit long-term lending institution, the European Investment Bank (EIB) has lent the…

La mia Toscana in Vespa: book by Ben Birdsall

19 April, 2020
If you’ve ever wanted to tour Tuscany on a vintage Vespa, now is your chance - only you’ll have to read a book. On June 20, Ben Birdsall’s book, “La mia Toscana in Vespa”, will be presented at the Castello…

Vespa LX 3V and Vespa S 3V 2012

19 April, 2020
Since the birth of the very first model - patented in 1946 by the legendary Corradino D’Ascanio - the mother of all Italian scooters has been fascinating plenty of fans the world over with his unique style and the reliability…

2011 EICMA: Piaggio X10

19 April, 2020
Making a surprise appearance at the 2011 EICMA is Piaggio’s brand new X10, which went immediately in the spotlight because of its futuristic look. Piaggio dubbed the X10 as ‘the new flagship’ for the Italian manufacturer, and it is expected…

Eicma 2008: vintage Vespa GTV Sidercar prototype

19 April, 2020
Piaggio presented quite a curious prototype at the Eicma show in Milan in the form of a Vespa GTV Sidecar. This is a vintage Vespa prototype that picks up stylistic elements from the 50’s.It’s not really a new idea as…

Vespa paper toy template. Pictures

18 April, 2020
After our post on how to make a Vespa toy with paper, we give you this full photo gallery of the process, for anyone who can’t get enough of revival gadgets and culture. The following shows the template of the…

Piaggio MP3 Hybrid pics and details

14 April, 2020
There is plenty of excitement going on at Piaggio these days, with the release of the brand new MP3 Hybrid. Those who see themselves cruising Rome on a scooter can now also do it knowing they’re respecting the environment and…

Piaggio MP3 Hybrid to be launched soon

13 April, 2020
According to the Solomoto30 magazine, Piaggio’s three wheeled hybrid scooter, the MP3 Hybrid, will soon be ready for production.The hybrid scooter was presented at the 2008 Eicma show in Milan and is equipped with two engines: a four stroke, Leader…

Piaggio Zip SP 70 vs Yamaha TMax

12 April, 2020
You’ve seen bikes vs cars, bikes vs bikes smackdowns videos, so how about a scooter vs scooter for a change?The venue is Varano de’Melegari circuit in Italy, take two Malossi Trophy Cup national scooter champions like Davide Zenari, the reigning…

Vespa toys: how to make a Vespa with paper

12 April, 2020
Let’s take a step back in time to the 60’s and take a ride in the seat of a Vespa 150. Or not… this cute toy in British style comes from Paper Replika and is a recreation of a Vespa,…

Vespa slidings

11 April, 2020
We have seen MotoGp powerslides. Today a videoclip about Vespa Special slidings!

Gilera 600 Supersport in 2009?

10 April, 2020
This news certainly won’t go un-discussed: the Piaggio group could present a new supersports bike in 2009, “Gilera” branded and with a 600, four cylinder engine.We hope so as the Supersport segment needs an Italian challenger. In readers’ news on…

The Piaggio Museum

9 April, 2020
If you ever have the chance to visit Italy, especially the Florence and Pisa area in Tuscany, why not take some time to visit the Museo Piaggio “Giovanni Alberto Agnelli” in Pontedera . The museum has halls that display Vespa…

Video: Vespa live at Eicma for Italian style

8 April, 2020
This is a fantastic little video from MotoTV on the Vespa stand at the Eicma show. As said in the video, Vespa is an icon the world over, and no longer just belongs to Italy.The modern day Vespas have plenty…

Spy shot of the new Piaggio MP3 caught testing

8 April, 2020
Thanks to Spanish website MotorPassionMoto.com we can show you what is believed to be Piaggio’s updated version of their three wheeled scooter the MP3 or the Fuoco (fire) which was caught testing on the roads near Girona in Spain. Apparently…

Good financial results for Ducati

6 April, 2020
Ducati has not only been voted one of the best brands in the UK, but has also experienced strong financial results during the economic crisis. The Italian bike manufacturer’s income grew by 25% for the first nine months and the…