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Special bikes: the Natural by "The Tarantulas"

There is something pretty fascinating about raw metal, it provides a feeling of primordial strenght and harshness that always strikes the onlookers, and this is something that is particularly evident with today’s special bike.
This outstanding machine comes from the US, more specifically from Portland, Oregon, where the guys known as “the Tarantulas” have come up with this minimal, fascinating cafe racer dubbed “The Natural”.

The model has been two years in the making and is based on an abandoned Honda CB 750.
In the words of its makers, “the plan was to create a bike that was ‘Natural’: brushed metal, gum rubber and leather looking vinyl was used“.

Fuel tank and saddle are hand made (the latter by specialist New Church Moto), creating a very intriguing silver-brown contrast, while rear cowl, oil tank, battery box, clip-ons and levers were all fabricated by James Crowe from Crowe Customs.
The ‘Natural’ is essential and wicked, and we love it.
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