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Honda cb 750

Special bikes: the Natural by "The Tarantulas"

28 March, 2020
There is something pretty fascinating about raw metal, it provides a feeling of primordial strenght and harshness that always strikes the onlookers, and this is something that is particularly evident with today’s special bike. This outstanding machine comes from the…

CRD#9 Honda CB 750 KZ "Brownie" Cafe Racer

21 March, 2020
The beautiful Cafe Racer pictured above is called “Brownie” and derives from a 1980 Honda CB750, the first Honda motorcycle to feature a transverse, overhead camshaft inline four-cylinder engine. The bike has been created by Spanish company CRD (Cafe Racer…

Honda CB 750 Café Racer

20 March, 2020
If Café Racers are your passion, don’t miss this video of a restored Honda CB 750 Café Racer, originally described as “a dead, rusty snotbox in need of a bullet or a surgeon”. The finished job is nearly a work…