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Renault Fluence price and electric complications

There are many things that go against the purchase of an electric car in the minds of the car buying public.
From so-called “range anxiety” to monthly battery hire, battery life and replacement, and recharge times, the actual economics of buying an electric vehicle are far from simple.

Renault is claiming its new Fluence model, to be sold at a price of 17,850 pounds (about 20,000 euros) is the “UK’s most affordable electric car”.

In Europe that translates to a real price of about 27,000 euros.

The price includes the current UK government’s 5,000-pound “Plug-in Car Grant” and added to that overall price will be a monthly battery leasing arrangement of 75 pounds a month.
Renault has been investing heavily in its electric car range and the Fluence will be released in the UK next car.
Comments on Autocar though, indicate what kind of problems electric cars in general, and the Fluence in particular, are facing on the market.
Despite a fair price for an electric car, notoriously considered expensive vehicles in general, the Fluence will suffer from its sedan style inappropriate for city driving, a range of about 115 miles (depending on road conditions and quoted in kilometres as 120 km) and an apparent eight-hour recharge time from zero to full.

Add to those considerations battery leasing and replacement costs and timing, and you’re looking at a lot of people making some complicated calculations to figure out just whether this is right for them.
While the Renault Fluence price is competitive with the Nissan Leaf, it looks like car manufacturers have some more work to convince the market beyond quoting possible average range figures that might actually be far less than anticipated.
The most skeptical comment so far? Whether there’s room in the boot for a generator….

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