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V for Vendetta: Ducati Superbike range gets a new costume

Renowned tuning company Radical Ducati has teamed up with Dragon TT designers to create a new bodykit for the current Ducati Superbikes range called Vendetta and – true to their name – what they have come up with is something more than a simple ‘facelift’.

In fact, any Ducati 848/1098/1198 that will undergo the Vendetta treatment will end up looking like a completely different beast.

The Vendetta bodykit presented by the two Spanish companies makes the Ducatis look slimmer, more compact and, in a way, more aggressive.

It doesn’t require any particular intervention to get fitted on the bike and is available in both carbon fiber and fiberglass.
In comparison to Ducati’s standard bodywork, the tank is bigger, the air flow around the bike better (which should translate into better performance as well) and, quite obviously, it is lighter.
More specifically, the Vendetta kit consists of: front fairing with 2 high beam and 2 low beam ellipsoidal lights , windscreen, aluminum front bracket, sidepanels with incorporated blinkers, bellypan, fuel tank, air funnels, single seat with incorporated leds rear light, seat under-tray and silencers adaptors.

We can hear Ducati purists’ teeth grinding but… what else could you ask for?

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