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Eicma 2008: hybrid scooter from Malaguti

As seen at the Eicma show, Malaguti will have its hybrid scooter ready for 2009, a model that has been developed through Italian-Chinese collaboration and which became a truly specialised research project.
The project started in 2007 and had as its main objective, the commercialisation by 2010 of a vehicle with extremely low environmental impact, that could reduce emissions by more than 65 percent compared to current models.

Ecological matters are a recurring theme around the world and have a particular focus on the Asian continent where economic expansion and the rise of the middle class are rapidly increasing.
The prototypes of this future scooter will be developed in two different versions: one for Europe and one for China.

The characteristics of this vehicle include the electric engine situated in the rear wheel, the endothermic engine, used exclusively as a generator, and an electric engine that can recharge itself when stopped.
Using the petrol engine as a generator solves the typical problems of battery duration and therefore engine range in electric engines.
The thermic engine works at stationary revs, guaranteeing a significant reduction in emissions.

The petrol engine is a 50cc, four stroke, liquid-cooled engine, connected to a 1600w generator.
The range of this hybrid structure is about 150km.
The electric engine can also be recharged with a 220v outlet, and at zero emissions, using only the electric engine, range is 20km.
Maximum speed is 45km/hr and weight is about 130kg.
This vehicle will adopt common components, ensuring lower costs in production.
The price is said to be very interesting, and the concept should see commercialisation towards the end of 2009.

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