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Malaguti Hybrid 2.0 scooter

The Malaguti Hybrid 2.
0 scooter is in final stages of development and should be ready for the market by spring 2010, after being presented at the 2009 EICMA show.
It works with a “hub” electric motor and an endothermic engine, that kicks in only when the battery charge gets low.

The Malaguti Hybrid can run in full electric or hybrid mode.

The electric mode allows for a daily average distance of about 20 km, while the hybrid mode using the 50cc, four-stroke engine has a range of 150 km.

It is also enabled with an on-board battery generator, or recharge can occur with a 220V power outlet.
Full details are after the jump and check out the Malaguti site for more information.
The project for the Malaguti hybrid vehicle has reached the final step.
The hybrid system is based on an electric motor (”hub motor”) fed by batteries coupled with an endothermic engine, just working when the charge level of the batteries is low.
This kind of configuration is similar to an electric vehicle with a generator set on board, where the endothermic engine just recharges batteries through a generator, while the vehicle drive is exclusively electric.

The prototypes will be shown in the Malaguti area (hall 6 – booth F34 and GREEN PLANET area, hall 2) at the 67th Eicma, International Bicycle and Motorcycle Show, from November 10 to November 15.
Performance and daily lifetime advantagesThe battery-endothermic engine mix aims to eliminate the main limits of the pure electric vehicles, i.
the batteries autonomy and the time to recharge them.
The advantages for the daily commuting are interesting:1.
the hybrid vehicle may circulate in case of traffic restrictions or in restricted traffic areas;2.
it may benefit from the incentives;3.
it can be used under zero emission mode (daily average distance of 20 km), which assures the recharge of the batteries by the electric supply mains and a good saving;4.
consumptions can be optimized and emissions can be lowered to the minimum level, since the endothermic engine works under a stationary regime, regardless of the vehicle speed and the requested power;5.
the electronics can be managed upon each requirement: “best charge”, when the endothermic engine always works to keep the battery max level charge, “best efficiency”, when the endothermic engine just works if the battery level is below the minimum, “zero emission”, when the system is forced in the electric condition and the endothermic engine never works (very useful when driving through zero emission areas).
ZERO EMISSION modeThe working of the vehicle is purely electric when the batteries feed the electric motor placed on the rear drive wheel.
Under Zero Emission mode, the vehicle autonomy is over 20 km.
HYBRID modeThe 50cc, 4-stroke, liquid cooled engine integrated with the 1600W generator (flywheel -generator) produces the electric power which feeds the electric motor placed on the rear drive wheel and the surplus is used to recharge the batteries.
This condition can be selected by the user or can be activated by the electronic control system at the minimum charge level of the batteries.
Under this condition, the vehicle autonomy is about 150 km.
Recharge of the batteries:The batteries can be recharged both by the flywheel – generator and a 220V plug.
IMPORTANT:In case of long stop of the vehicle with completely discharged batteries, it is quite enough to connect the cable placed in the leg-shield to the power supply mains to recharge the vehicle.
MiscellaneousThe scooter with hybrid motor will be produced and distributed under the Malaguti brand name.
It is expected to be on sale in spring 2010 at a very interesting price.

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