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Is a 50,000 € Baby Bugatti coming ?

According to Auto Bild a 50,000BabyBugatti is coming, both in a coupè and a roadster version.
The engine would be based on the 2.
0 liters Turbo-FSI engine of the Golf GTI / Audi TT.
Before being mounted on a Bugatti, it’ll get a nice HP injection: the first power-step should be 280 hp (2010), later it should go up to 320 hp (around 2015).

The gearbox would be a 7-speed DSG, probably coupled to a 4WD system.
Thanks to a very rigid aluminium build and a minimalistic cockpit, the weight should be around 1.
100 kg, which would let the BabyBugatti leave the direct rivals in the dust (cars such as the Porsche Boxster or the BMW Z4).

Performance data is projected to be impressive: less than 5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, top speed around 300 km/h for the 320 hp version.
But here is the problem: will Porsche look on and do nothing, or will it use its position as VW’s main shareholder to try and stop this very interesting project ?The codename for the babyBugatti is BG913 (coupè) / BG914 (roadster).
The Bugatti will probably be produced in limited numbers (5-6.

000 units / year) and it would be the precursor for a new range of models based on the same (or on a similar) plaform and sold under the Audi, VW and Seat brands.
You can find some sketches of the BabyBugatti in Auto Bild’s image gallery [Via Autoblog.

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