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New Honda CR-V: new photos and technical specs

Here is a 100-image strong photo gallery starring the new Honda CR-V, now in its fourth generation.
In the comparison with the previous generation, the popular Japanese SUV is now shorter and with a lower roof-line, changes that, however, did not compromise the overall interior space of the car.

Honda engineers have also focused on the driving position, making it more similar to that of an ordinary sedan.

The weight of the car varies between the 1456 kg mark of the 2.
0 i-VTEC petrol variant to the 1806 kg of version equipped with the 2.

2 i-DTEC diesel engine, automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.
All versions except the all-wheel-drive 2.
0 petrol version will reach a top speed of 190 km/h (118 mph).
Average fuel consumption istead will range between the 5.
6 and 7.
5 litres/100km, according to the model.
Check out all the technical specs after the jump.
Specifiche Honda CR-V MY 2013 from Autoblog.

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