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Hummer driving academy opens in Morocco

General Motors has presented an interesting initiative for Hummer fans: between November 7 and 12, a small caravan of 17 Hummer H3’s will travel 1300km of Morocco, where offroad vehicles can really be thrashed.
The trip takes in the Sahara desert where plenty of driving challenges should be faced on the dunes, which will be confronted with specific sand tyres.

All extra equipment required will be provided but apart from that the H3’s will be strictly from the series.
The expedition will leave from Agadir port and will involve 28 participants as each car will have a driver and passenger who will receive special instructions on desert driving prior to departure.

The trip will pass through the Sahara before returning again to Agadir.
The Driving Academy is only the first in a series of similar iniatives that will take place in 2009 with the aim of demonstrating the off-road capabilities of this vehicle in some great scenery around the world.
For anyone wanting to participate, the cost is 3995 euros, exclusing air transfers and drinks.
For full details of the program go to the Hummer Driving Academy site.

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