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How to choose your new car

© The Miami Story (Flickr) Is this Gucci Mane’s car?
© The Miami Story (Flickr)

Go to the first car dealer you chose. Tell the salesman that you are only looking at cars.
When you find the car that you are looking for, check the list of details upon the car windshield.

The list will show the characteristics of the car and the asking price.

If the door is unlocked, open it and enter the vehicle to check it. The seller will immediately come to watch, this is his signal. If the car is locked, tell the salesman you want to look inside.

Sit on the driver’s seat exactly in the position you sit when you are driving. Close the door and put your hands on the wheel. Try to imagine the feeling you have when you are driving. Adjust your seat if necessary. Thoroughly check the interior of the car. Observe the position of the window buttons, signals and gearbox and adjust the mirrors.
If the car has manual transmission, check the clutch stiffness and pass through all the gears.
After that sit in the passenger seat and move the seat as it may be well ahead, and check the feet placement. This is a very important aspect of the checking process.

Next, ask the salesman if it would be possible for you to take a test drive. If he agrees to this, drive through the town which you live in. Check manoeuvrability, turning radius and brake response. Adjust the mirrors and the radio while driving; this also is a very important aspect of your decision-making process. If the steering wheel has commands for the radio, this is a big plus.

Head towards a motorway or by-pass, and be sure to check the engine performance. Finally, leisurely drive back to the showroom. If you like the car, say that you will return, but refuse to discuss a sale. Go to the next car showroom and repeat these steps until you decide upon the car which is right for you.

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