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Coronavirus, UK: the economic impact after PM’s measures

Coronavirus, the economic impact after PM's measures: Boris Johnson, until a few days ago, was a supporter of "herd therapy".

Coronavirus UK economic impact
Coronavirus UK economic impact Prime Ministre

In the world the cases of Coronavirus are increasing more and more: 200 thousand cases, 8 thousand deaths and 82032 healed. Now the Europe is the centre of the crisis, and there more deaths here than in Asian, also more than China.

Angela Merkel underlines that this is the most challenging situation after the Second World War during a speech to the German nation. Meanwhile, many countries in the world close the borders to Europe, as the United States, Turkey and Libya.

The directions of Boris Johnson

The UK are following a particular direction. Boris Johnson, until a few days ago, was a supporter of “herd therapy”. The basis of this theory is the immunization of the survivors that will be obtained after the inevitable exterination of the weakest people. The declination of Darwinian survival as a pseudo-scientific justification for not wanting to waste pounds in aid of poor people. A step forward towards the humanitarian catastrophe after weeks of Coronavirus denial by the overseas colleague: the President of the United States Donald Trump.

This declaration has caused a lot of panic and a stir among the citizens who are concerned about their health situation. In fact the British, seeing the restrictive measures taken by the rest of the world, wonder if their prime minister is able to protect their health. Three days ago, the Prime Minister has changed his action. He has asked to all to reduce social contact, to work at home when it is possible and to avoit to go to restaurants, pubs and bar.

Moreover, yesterday he decided also to close public schools, but they will be open only to the children of people that work at the forefront of the emergency. But, until now, all of these are only suggestions and there are not sanctions to who will not respect them. Boris Johnson has also announced the new target of 25000 tampons a day, meausures to support workers and sanitary system.

Coronavirus, UK: the economic impact

If Boris Johnson had not taken the latest measures, folowing always the “herd therapy” and the virus had been circulating freely among British citizens, the consequences on health care costs would have been very serious. In fact, the English health system, like the Italian one and that of Sweden, is public and guarantees everyone access to treatment.

Moreover, if England had been the only one not to take the restrictive measures, it would have been isolated from all the other countries that would have thus closed the borders to avoid the contagions. From here the economic impact of the virus have been heavy and irreparable.

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