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How to grow your hair quickly?

1. Drink a lot of water
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It is recommended that you consume at least eight glasses of water a day in order to maintain a healthy body. If you consume at least eight glasses this will help to make your hair grow quickly. Water contains a variety of nutrients that are needed in healthy hair growth.
2. Take Biotin vitamins
There are an array of hair growth vitamins available in stores. Some of these vitamins work for people and for others they do not do much. A key nutrient that is essential in hair growth is Biotin. This can be found in almost all hair growth vitamins and is needed to promote healthy hair growth. Each biotin hair growth vitamin is different, but you may need to consume around 2-3 vitamins on a daily basis.
3. Reduce the amount of heat that you apply to your hair
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Heat is one of the leading causes of damaged hair. Hair is fragile and is not designed to be fried every morning or even multiple times a day. Try to reduce your heat intake by maybe only straightening your hair twice a week. If you usually blow-dry your hair this is the perfect time to cut that out of your daily routine. Instead just use a towel to dry your hair or let it air dry.
4. Keep hair moisturized
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Hair can get dry rather quickly and this will cause it to break off resulting in little or no growth. In order to keep the moisture in your hair, apply conditioner. Leave in conditioner treatments work well, but should be washed out frequently to avoid build-up. The conditioner will help to keep your hair moist throughout the entire day.
5. Follow these steps
If you follow these steps on a consistent basis you will be able to see results on a monthly basis. Your hair will not grow long overnight, but you will notice a bigger difference.

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