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How to blow dry your hair like a professional?

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Washing and styling hair in various ways
After washing hair, towel dry and comb the hair into sections, securing with clips.

Tip: Depending on how you style your hair, whether you blow dry your hair straight or prefer to blow dry your curly hair to ooze Hollywood glamour, the most important factor is to work with your hair and not against it.

Add volume

Blowdry straight using a blow dryer, take a round brush, roll through the hair, the nozzle of the blow dryer facing down the hair shaft as you dry. Repeat this action for all sections of hair.

Short hair

Learning how to blow dry short hair is a lot easier, it simply requires blow drying as usual, but you may wish to add height at the crown to create a more polished and sophisticated look.

Tip: You may wish to learn how to blow-out hair like a pro yourself, so watching a hair blow-out or blowdry video on the Internet can help you with this process.

‘How do I straighten my hair like a professional?’

The answer is to blow out the hair as usual, then taking a pair of straightening irons, section hair off as before, and work from the bottom of the scalp upwards.

Tips for straightening hair

Straightening the hair with a brush after running the irons through also helps to keep hair smooth. Repeat until the entire hair is straightened.

Aside from blow -drying hair for volume, for best results in straightening hair with a blow dryer, dry hair in sections, combing through with a brush.
Using professional products
Professional hair blow dryers are easy to purchase, from numerous health and beauty retailers, both locally and online. They now have many diverse functions too which can challenge even the best salon blow dryers. You don’t have to buy the best hair dryer to get the most professionally styled hair, but from reading a few blow dryer reviews, you can decide which one is for right you and your hair type.

Ceramic hair dryers
These can greatly reduce heat damage, by blowing hot air more evenly across the hair, preventing hot spots. Ceramic hair dryers are also ideal for creating a sleek look, as they contain negative ions. This helps to transform water on wet hair into microscopic particles which can then be more easily absorbed into the hair shaft. The result is hair which looks super healthy and shiny.

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