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What makes the perfect face cream

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Money isn’t everything. Before you go out and buy the most expensive product on the market, read this simple guide. Have you been struggling to find the perfect cream for your face? If so, don’t fear; here you can find everything you need to know.

Face cream options on the market are limitless. There are creams for wrinkle prevention, softness, radiance, sun protection and many other variations. Trying to find the perfect one for you can be a daunting prospect, but with these simple steps, it should be much simpler.

Firstly, find out which skin-type category you come under. There are four main skin types, which come under the categories: normal, oily, dry and sensitive. Normal skin is soft and supple and the pores on your face should barely be visible. Break-outs of spots are very uncommon. If your skin type is normal, you are lucky. You have a choice of any face creams designed for normal skin, with particular emphasis on something else if you choose (e.g. wrinkle prevention or sun protection).
Oily skin can be deceptive. After cleansing, it can often look "normal". However, throughout the day you may notice that your pores have become visible and you have small break-outs of blackheads and pimples. To keep these to a minimum, remember to cleanse and moisturize your face twice a day. For oily skin, the best face cream to choose is a water-based one.

Dry skin is the opposite of oily skin. While you may not be prone to blemishes, you may notice fine lines developing around your eyes and mouth. If you have dry skin, always look out for a face cream specifically suitable, as this will provide the extra nourishment you need.

Sensitive skin can be identified by a delicate-looking complexion and a susceptibility to irritation and allergic reactions. Always choose a cream with natural, hypoallergenic ingredients, made specifically for this skin type.

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