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The World Health Organization admits: “Covid can spread in air”

The WHO reviews its position on the alarm launched by 239 experts: "The airborne transmission of the Coronavirus is not excluded".

World Health Organization covid air
Covid, the World Health Organisation on air transmission

A few days after the publication of the letter of experts – which denounced the transmission of Covid by air – the World Health Organization reviews its position. Although, they specify from Geneva, at the moment the theory is not yet supported by valid scientific studies. The World Health Organization raises the alert level and invites citizens to respect all anti-Covid practices, warning: the peak of the pandemic has not yet been reached.

Covid, the World Health Organisation on air transmission

Speaking at a press conference in Geneva to take stock of the situation of infection with Coronavirus, Benedetta Allegranzi – technical manager of the Infectious Prevention and Control Unit of the Organization- admitted that in the letter of experts there is a foundation of truth.

The possibility of air transmission in public environments, especially in very specific conditions such as crowded, closed and poorly ventilated can not be excluded.However, the other evidence still needs to be gathered and interpreted and we continue to investigate” explained the WHO executive.

The complaint by the experts

The World Health Organization must have the courage to review its recommendations. This is the summary of a letter written by a group of experts – 239 signatories – directly to the World Health Organization. In a study carried out by this group of scientists it would be evident that even the smallest particles, those that remain longer in the air, can be vehicles of the infection. Researchers published the letter in Clinical Infectious Diseases.


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