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Covid: new lockdown in Melbourne and Victoria State

Government in Australia announced lockdown restrictions in Melbourne and some part of the Victoria state after a peak in the Covid cases.

lockdown measure in Melbourne

The government of Australia announced the return of lockdown rule in Melbourne and Victoria after confirming new Covid-19 infections overnight. Some places of Australia’s Victoria state registered a record of daily cases.

Covid, lockdown measures in Melbourne and Victoria

The infection number hit 191 cases. State premier Daniel Andrews said that “These are unsustainably high numbers of new cases.” From Wednesday night the government will put in place new lockdown in Melbourne and the surrounding region of Mitchell. The plan is to remain in place for six weeks. People who live there can only go outside for food and essential items, to give or receive care, for exercise. Smart working solutions are preferable if possible.

Restaurants and cafes can work only for delivery, and entertainment and cultural venues also beauty salons will be forced to close again. ctually, twelves other areas of Victoria are closed since last week following a Covid outbreak. Andrews said: “I know a lot of people aren’t scared because this feels like something happening to other people in other parts of the world. But you should be scared of this. I’m scared of this. We all should be. It’s clear we are on the cusp of our second wave, and we cannot let this virus cut through our communities.

Covid, the Victoria case

Victoria registered 127 new cases on Monday and the premier described it as a “grim milestone”. Andrews declared that two people died of this infection in the past 36 hours.

Australia has successfully faced the Covid pandemic, it is among one of the best example. The nation of 26 million people had 8,586 cases of the disease and 106 deaths. The country’s second most populous state, Victoria, implemented toughest and longest-lasting pandemic restrictions, questioning about the revival of the virus.

However Victoria has registered hundreds of new cases of Covid in connection two Melbourne hotels. They were quarantine centers for travellers coming back to the country. Also, there have been notifications of private contractors having sex with quarantined travellers at the hotels. In addition to a lack in providing proper training and personal protective equipment and multiple protocol breaches.

Catherine Bennett, an epidemiologist at Melbourne’s Deakin University, revealed the city could have replicated the success of other part of Australia against Covid, but failed for the hotel breaches.


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