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Brammo acquires off road tracks network Quantyaparx

Electric motorcycles manufacturer Brammo Inc.
has announced the acquisition of the off-road riding center network Quantyaparx from KOM Enterprises.
General interest in electric vehicles has grown so much in recent years that now there are dirt tracks networks that are exclusively dedicated to them.

The most important one in Europe is Switzerland’s Quantyaparx, where customers can rent electric dirt bikes that – thanks to the total lack of both air and noise pollution – can be ridden near urban and rural areas.

As the name suggests, the Quantyaparx network was in a partnership with Swiss manufacturer Quantya but, in the aftermath of the acquisition, it will now use Brammo motorcycles only, like the 6 speed electric model called Engage (pictured above).

Quantyaparx boasts 14 franchises scattered across Germany, Austria, Spain, France and the UK.
Craig Bramscher, Brammo’s CEO and founder, announced that more tracks will open soon in the United States.
“We are excited about this acquisition and we will be introducing our latest 6-speed off-road Brammo motorcycles – the Engage and the Encite – pretty soon.
We know the demand for off-road parks is growing and KOM has both a unique business model and a highly successful track record in this market.

” Quantyaparx will now be rebranded Brammoparx and will be officially launched during l’EICMA, in Milan, on November, the 8th.

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