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MotoGP: Inmotec on Track (w/video)

While we’ve been concentrating on seeing if FB Corse can get their three cylinder bike and John Hopkins on track, we’ve completely forgotten the Spanish Inmotec Consultora Técnica who announced back in October, that they too were working on a 800cc bike and that they wanted to compete in MotoGP in 2010.

Former MotoGP rider Ivan Silva has been busy testing the Inmotec GPI 10 and the team has already completed twelve tests on the bike that has already undergone several updates on its chassis and engine.
We still don’t know if Inmotec will compete in the entire 2010 season, but judging by this video they look pretty enthusiastic about partecipating and with only 17 bikes on the grid, the MotoGP championship sure could welcome another team.

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