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Versace yacht and luxury vessels at Brindisi port

The Versace yacht is currently docked at the port of Brindisi for the delight of visitors and tourist.
The luxury yacht is a high performance vessel, decorated with classic interiors of sophisticated materials in the style of the famous Italian fashion house.

Brindisi port seems to be hosting its fair share of famous luxury yachts this summer, with the Giorgio Armani Main yacht recently docking for maintenance checks.

It is a bonafide made in Italy yacht, being built at the Codecasa facilities in Viareggio.

Apparently its maintenance checks included some repairs to the onboard upholstery.
Italy has its fair share of luxury yachts cruising around during the Italian summer (including one of a Russian millionaire at the Brindisi port); if you keep your eyes peeled, you may be lucky enough to spot one.

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