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Driving in Italy: how to avoid parking fines with nifty Italian gadgets

There’s nothing like Italian invention in the world, which always seems to be geared towards out-foxing the authorities.
If you’ve ever driven through Italy, you’ll know the Italian parking laws are quite complicated, and the ways to avoid them even more so (see our post on tips for driving in Italy).

This is what we call a “disco orario” which is a kind of inbuilt parking meter that you display on your dashboard to indicate your time of arrival.
Now, I would suggest that anything in Italy that relies on honesty and good will from the outset is likely to be unsuccessful, given that most Italians want to out-manoeuvre their fellow countrymen first.
The “disco orario” normally works by turning the little plastic dial in your cardboard sign to the hour in which you park and leaving it on your dashboard.
This one, however, has a convenient in-built clock that will tick over of its own accord even when you’ve delayed your visit to the market, or are in the midst of happy hour with your friends.

Apparently this is a genuine Italian product and if you wish to purchase one before your next tour of Italy by car, you can find it on e-bay.
One guy commenting though, has said he copped a 200-euro fine for using it so… everything at your own risk.

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