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Chair cover hire for weddings: The facts

1. Choose a colour
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Look at the room and choose a theme to build the ambiance of the room. A bright pink colour will not go well with an Edwardian setting but could look amazing in a light, bright room with huge windows. Decide on the colour or the table linen – white or cream colours will look clean and lighten a room but black is also a popular option.
2. Match the chairs
Once the linen is in place, you can have fun making the chairs look beautiful. Choose wedding seat covers which give a uniform look to old or mismatched chairs. Fitted chair covers come in lots of different shapes and sizes and even folding chair covers are available.
3. Add the bows
Adding the bows or chair sashes is the best part of decorating the room. You can rent chair covers or chair cover sashes in a rainbow of colours. Some couples choose just one colour while others like to alternate with different colours for the top table. Tie the sash around the chair and loop into a neat bow at the back to create an elegant setting.
4. Bows take time
Leave yourself plenty of time to dress the room as each chair styling will take up to five minutes. Once you get going, it will become easier but try to get a group of the men to put the chair covers on as this is quite a difficult task. The ladies can tie the chair bows and create the final ambiance. If possible, dress the room the day before the wedding or early in the morning if there is time. Ask the event planner to help you if you feel that you are running out of time.
5. Match the decorations
Match all the wedding table covers and wedding chair sashes to the flowers and table decorations. Make sure that the wedding party decorations are also of the same colour or shade in order to create a beautiful setting that will impress every guest.

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