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Italy's national automobile museum reopens in Turin

17 April, 2020
Italy’s north might be the extremely less romantic, industrialised end of the country but there’s a special history here, particularly when talking the automobile sector. And what must only be a temple to automobile history has finally reopened in the…

New stadium for Juventus football club in Turin

13 April, 2020
Plans for the new stadium for Juventus in Turin have been revealed, which in future will give Juventus the honour of being the first Italian football club to have its own stadium. The ambitious project will allow for spectator numbers…

Luxury cars in Turin, the photo gallery

8 April, 2020
We all know that the city of Turin has a passion for luxury cars; a passion that has its roots in the history of the city itself, so today to celebrate this love of beautiful cars we have published a…

Laura Pausini kicks off her new tour in Turin

4 April, 2020
Laura Pausini kicked off her World Tour 2009 in Turin just a couple of days ago, though to tell the truth the famous singer gave a first sample of it in Brescia two Saturdays ago. The fever for this new…

The Holy Shroud of Turin goes on display

22 March, 2020
What is believed to be Christ’s burial cloth, the Turin shroud, is going on display at the Turin Cathedral until May 23. Pope Benedict XVI will pray before the shroud on May 2nd, although the Catholic church does not necessarily…

Luxury Turin accommodation: Villa Matilde Relais

19 March, 2020
More Turin luxury accommodation after the Villa Matilde Relais is available at the Bella Rosina Relais near Venaria Reale, in the Mandria national park. It might not have the same grand setting as other Italian villas, but it has some…

Adventure sports in Italy: trekking in Piedmont

18 March, 2020
There is an adventure sport in Italy which is a mix between trekking, climbing and caving. Called “ferrate” the sport involves walking through rocky mountainous areas where some equipment and support is required to negotiate the sometimes perilous rocky outcrops.…