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Italy's national automobile museum reopens in Turin

Italy’s north might be the extremely less romantic, industrialised end of the country but there’s a special history here, particularly when talking the automobile sector.
And what must only be a temple to automobile history has finally reopened in the form of the National Italian Automobile Museum in Turin.

The newly restored museum opened over the weekend in the midst of celebrations for Italy’s 150 years of unification, and already 9,203 visitors have passed through.
It has been dedicated to Giovanni Agnelli, one of Italy’s most famous names in the automobile sector, and was opened by President Giorgio Napolitano.
So what exactly can you see at the museum? Over two centuries of Italian automobile history from the first steam models produced in 1769, to the modern prototypes and concepts produced recently.
There is even former President Sandro Pertini’s Fiat 500 on display.
The Turin museum is open from Mondays 10am to 2pm, Tuesdays 2pm to 7pm, and Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 10am to 7pm.
Late opening on Fridays is until 9pm and tickets are €8.
Italian National Automobile Museum reopens in Turin

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