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Pubs keep doors closed on “Super Saturday”

Some landlord fear they cannot respect Covid social distancing rules. Owners feel the risk about reopenings, Police Commissioner asks for responsibility.

pubs closed
pubs about to stay closed on saturday

Pubs owners claimed that they are planning to remain closed on Saturday defined also “Super Saturday”. This followed the government’s decision to reopen pubs after a three months lockdown.

Pubs about to be closed on “Super Saturday”

Bosses feel afraid that they cannot respect Covid-19 social distancing rules. They predict that euphoria will break out after the first beer since March. The UK government, actually, allowed the pubs, bars and restaurants to reopen on July 4 in England. This non-essential shop can provide indoor service. The compromise is rules such as screens separating tables, bar staff handing drink orders to customers and orders via apps.

To improve presence at the venues, Johnson announced that social distancing will be cut from two metres to one metre from Saturday. However doctors, police and campaigners asked people to drink responsibly. This can prevent injuries and pressure to hospitals.

Some pubs will open like JD Wetherspoon. The plans to reopen hundreds of its pubs contains safety measures to keep the drinkers apart. However some host on Tyneside decided to close this weekend. They would not be able to maintain safety for staff and clients.

The concern from owners and police officers

Even Sunderland bars, such as Ttonic, Chaplins, The Point, Glitter Ball and Arizona will stay closed. The direction stated: “We are concerned that the mass gatherings and intensity expected on Saturday isn’t worth putting our team under unnecessary risk and stress. Our safety, your safety and to protect the emergency services from unnecessary duress we think is paramount and the responsible thing to do in our much loved city. We will not be opening until further notice and remain closed this weekend.”

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick confirmed strong presence of officers on London streets. “My message is, if you’re coming out on Saturday, be calm, be sensible. Look after yourself, look after your family. We are still in a global pandemic which is affecting this country very obviously”, she said.

Gyms, nightclubs, nail salons and spas continue their lockdown for now because they still pose a risk to spread the virus.

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