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After spike in Covid infections, new lockdown measures in UK

To reduce infections, health directors prohibit large groups from visiting each other's homes and strongly advise against against hugs.

New lockdown measures UK
A lockdown similar to that in Leicester is a real possibility.

Blackburn and Darwen may have to follow Leicester back into lockdown after a spike in new Covid-19 infections. People in Blackburn have been banned from visiting each other in groups of more than two. Then they should not shake hands when meeting each other to stop new Covid-19 infection rises.

Blackburn with Darwen announces new lockdown measures

The warning for local lockdown comes after health bosses said it can be done unless the number of new cases goes down. The authority’s director of public health, Dominic Harrison, said a lockdown similar to that in Leicester is “a real possibility” after the infection rate rose to 47 cases per 100,000 from 31.6 in just seven days.

The authority is third on the list of highest weekly rates. It has a rate of 118.2 cases per 100,000 and is subject to a local lockdown. Nearby Pendle, with a rate of 76.6. Mr Harrison said that if rates were continuing to rise in a few weeks, the council would consider reimposing some lockdown restrictions.

The measures are wear face mask in all enclosed public spaces of the next month which means in all shops, workplaces, libraries, museums, health centres, hair and beauty salons etc., limiting two people from same household allowed to visit another household, no shaking hand or hug and replace it with bum elbows, support for small shops, then testing with mobile testing unit even though you don’t have symptoms.

The testing will take place in the borough with a mobile testing unit at Witton Park Academy. Mr Harrison added: “These steps will help and we are appealing to everyone in Blackburn with Darwen to follow them to protect themselves and their loved ones. The council is working with the NHS and the wider community on this. It’s up to us all to help each other stick to the advice that’s been given. We can only avoid further lockdown measures if we work together.”

Further possible lockdown measures

Dominic Harrison revealed that in next week to 10 days, there are jump cases in the borough due to the increased targeted testing being done in communities most at risk, and opened a Pillar 2 testing site next to the hospital last week. Then in another two weeks, if the number keeps rising, there is possibility to consider reversing some of the national lockdown lifting measures locally one by one until we see a reversal in the current rising trend.

Council leader Mohammed Khan said: “I can reassure all local residents that the council is working with different agencies and organisations across the borough to help get the message out to everyone that life cannot go back to normal just yet, and we must all make sacrifices to avoid a local lockdown.”

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