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Three victims in car crash in Portglenone

"There was always a smile on their face, they were always having a good laugh, having a bit of craic with you", said Sinn Féin councillor.

portglenone car crash
community shocked after the killing

Two-vehicles crashed with three victims in a tragic accident at County Antrim, Portglenone. A married couple, Paul and Varena Creelman and Phil Hegarty, her brother were killed outside Portglenone on Monday.

Married couple and brother are the victims of a two-vehicle crash in Portglenone

The three victims, around 50 years old, were travelling in a silver Volkswagen Passat on the Lisnahushin Road when the collision happened. The man driving the other car, a black Audi, was taken to hospital for a check.

Cllr Sean Bateson said it was an “absolutely unbelievable tragedy“. Sinn Féin councillor commented that the community of Kilrea was in a sense of “utter disbelief” and “shock”. “They were lovely, lovely people. There wasn’t a day went past whenever you didn’t go up the street or go to the shops and you didn’t come across Phil or Varena or Paul and chat”, he said. Bateson also added “There was always a smile on their face, they were always having a good laugh, having a bit of craic with you. They were just genuine, lovely people.”

He said that their family “is still in disbelief and shock. It’s going to be a tough few days, weeks and months ahead but the community of Kilrea will really rally around the family and do what they can to try and help them.”

Bateson also revealed that the road is known as a “quiet blackspot” for accidents. It was not the first time there’s been an accident. TUV councillor Stewart McDonald said it was a “very, very dangerous” road. “There’s been fatalities in the road before in the past and there have been road improvements to highlight the crossroad and the junction ahead”, he concluded.


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