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Overcrowding at Bournemouth beach: Dorset Police considers roadblocks

Authorities are afraid of the huge number of people filling the beach, requiring "detailed plan" in place and also roadblocks in position if necessary.

Overcrowding at Bournemouth beach
Overcrowding at Bournemouth beach: Police considers roadblocks

In order to avoid chaotic scene on the beach, Dorset Police have considered to set up roadblocks near Bournemouth beach. People may overfill the shore to spent the warmer days of the year.

Dorset Police about to set roadblocks near Bournemouth beach

Police alerted about the huge number of people coming to spent some hours at the beach. It would require a “detailed plan” in place and also roadblocks in position if necessary. In fact the high temperatures expected in the south east may bring back to the last month, when a major incident was declared.

Supt Richard Bell, of Dorset Police have plans to manage the expected visitors. He said: “People visiting Dorset must expect delays and prepare adequately for their journeys. As large numbers will all have the same idea and want to visit our stunning coastline and beauty spots. The coordination of a traffic management plan will be led by our partners in the local authority and highways, who are monitoring traffic flow and car park availability. Should it be necessary appropriate road closures and diversions will be put in place.”

The Bell concluded: “We are all keen to welcome visitors to our area but we want to ensure people enjoy what Dorset has to offer in a safe, respectful and responsible manner that does not place an additional strain on all emergency services and public resources.”

Government’s alert about new possible outbreaks

This followed Boris Johnson fear of a second wave in cases and statement that “we’re not out of the woods”. PM claimed: “It’s absolutely vital as a country that we continue to keep our focus and our discipline and that we don’t delude ourselves that somehow we’re out of the woods or that this is all over, because it isn’t all over. Together we’ve really reduced the incidence of the virus and we’ve got the number of deaths down”.

The Prime Minister added: “But it can come up again, and we’ve seen what is happening in other European countries, so what I’m saying to people is don’t lose focus, don’t lose discipline, continue to observe those guidelines and if you have symptoms, get a test.”

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