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Boris Johnson fears second wave of Covid will hit UK

The Prime Minister is concerned about a second surge of Covid that could hit UK in a fortnight.

government is going to introduce social bubbles

The PM is said to be “extremely concerned” that Covid will be hitting UK again in only two weeks. Boris Johnson confirmed continental Europe is seeing the “signs of a second wave”.

Johnson fears a second wave of Covid

The PM fears the second surge could hit UK as well in only 14 days. A Government source told the Daily Mail: “The PM is extremely concerned by what he’s seeing abroad and fears we could be seeing the same thing here in a fortnight“. “He wants to go further on opening things up and getting people back to work, but he knows it’ll be his head on the block if things go wrong.”

According to the statistics, Spain has registered 8,207 new cases in the week to July 19, up from 5,292 the week before. The Prime Minister said the government has to be “swift”, but the situation of uncertainty is creating contradictory opinions. Airline Jet2 said information from the government was “contradictory and often comes with little or no notice”. It comes after the news that the Government was working on a new policy to cut quarantine period to 10 days for people arriving from Spain. Boris Johnson defended the 14-day quarantine on travellers arriving from Spain and other high-risk countries. The PM wanted to be clear the pandemic is still happening:

Let’s be absolutely clear about what’s happening in Europe, amongst some of our European friends, I’m afraid you are starting to see in some places the signs of a second wave of the pandemic.” “It’s vital that when people are coming back from abroad if they are coming back from a place where I’m afraid there is another outbreak, they must go into quarantine“.

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