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Scotland to face a mini lockdown starting from Friday

Nicola Sturgeon will soon give an official announcement about the “circuit breaker”, a mini lockdown that is planned to start on Friday.

glasgow lockdown
glasgow lockdown

In Scotland, 697 new coronavirus cases were reported yesterday with 12,8% of individuals tested resulting as positive. The country is now taking steps to tackle the rise in coronavirus cases.

Scotland on a mini lockdown from Friday

Nicola Sturgeon announced the country needs a “circuit breaker”, a mini lockdown lasting about a forthnight. A source at the NHS told the Sun newspaper that they have been told the mini lockdown will start on Friday and will probably last a fortnight. The new coronavirus restrictions will be announced on Wednesday, but Prime Minister confirmed: “it will not be a full lockdown”. Nicola Sturgeon wanted to reassure the population this will not be as tough as a full lockdown:

“We are not proposing another lockdown at this stage, not even on a temporary basis. ..We are not going to ask you to stay inside your own homes the way we did in March. ..And while we have been asking people to think carefully about non-essential travel, and while restrictions on travel may sometimes be an option and necessary for hotspot areas, we are not about to impose restrictions on the whole of the country. ..We are not about the shut down the whole economy or halt the remobilisation of the NHS. ..And apart from the October holidays, we are not proposing to close schools even partially.”

Among the 697 new cases registered in Scotland yesterday, 242 have been tested in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, 145 in Lothian and 130 in Lanarkshire. The country is now waiting for further official announcements from Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The ‘circuit breaker’ will coincide with school holidays in order to impact less on education.


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