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Sarah Everard case: inquest opened

Investigation into the death of Sarah Everard and to better clarify the dynamics of the murder.

Sarah Everard

In the next few hours an inquiry will be opened to clarify the dynamics that led to the death of Sarah Everard, marketing manager who was returning to her home from the home of a friend.

Inquiry into the death of Sarah Everard

The process will begin in Kent, County Hall, Maidstone, after a second autopsy on Mrs Everard’s body, as the first did not bring any results. Searches will also be carried out in other areas of Kent in the hope of finding other evidence and clues.

Mrs Everard, as we already know, disappeared on 3 March when she was on her way back from a friend’s home in Clapham, south London.
Despite research, the body was found a week later in a forest near Ashford, Kent. and a Metropolitan Police Officer, Wayne Couzens, 48, has been charged with his murder.

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