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Baby Whale stranded along the Thames: freed

A little whale was released, after it ran aground in Thames.

Whale released
The whale in the Thames

Just yesterday, Sunday, May 9, a whale was released along the Thames after it ran aground. It had stuck around 19.30 on the boat reels. Many people gathered and witnessed the rescue and someone said they saw the whale at noon near Barnes Bridge.

The little whale was released

Along the Thames, southwest of London, a small whale froze and couldn’t move. It was three or four meters long and hundreds of people watched it from Richmond Lock and Weir. The whale’s route, if the boat reels hadn’t obstructed it, would have been to swim to Richmond. But it was not possible.

Several men went there to rescue the animal. There were the staff of the Port of London Authority (PLA), firefighters and a veterinarian. The first ones were in charge of washing the whale while the doctor did some checking. Later, the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) arrived and spectators applauded for the speech around 21.00. A video on the web shows all the rescue operations: they maybe ended at 1 am.

However, a firefighter, Glen Nicolaides, told BBC microphones that the operators moved the whale to a safe place. In this way they visited the animal and understood the severity of injuries. So they also evaluated the possibility of releasing it or not.

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