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Malta officially accepts also the NHS app as proof of vaccination

Since when Malta has been added to the green list, Brits started booking their holidays. Here all the regulations you should know priorly taking off.

Since when Malta has been added to the green list, Brits already started booking their holidays. But then a hiccup occurred. Malta Island said that travelers needed a formal letter from NHS as proof of their vaccination. This therefore dismayed many travelers which wanted to rely on NHS app.

Yesterday Malta announced that they will accept the NHS app as proof of vaccination.

Malta accepts NHS app

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed yesterday that the NHS app will be accepted by the island. He tweeted:

Pleased to say that #Malta now recognise our NHS Covid app (or NHS letter), to allow our fully vaccinated UK citizens access to their beautiful islands without the need to isolate.

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This will be true for only those English citizens which received both jabs.

The panic was priorly diffused on Monday, when the Maltese officials said that they wouldn’t have accepted the NHS app. Indeed lots of Brits temporarily found themselves without knowing if their holidays would have been cancelled or not.

Among other regulations you should know when traveling to Malta: children under 5 do not require a test, and those under 11 can fly to the island only if have both parents fully vaccinated.

Everyone who’s above 12 should be vaccinated. This will mean that probably teenagers won’t be able to travel for now as vaccinations for under 18 are still proceeding slow.

After the update of the green list, now there’s a lot of booking going on for the free-quarantine destinations. But. what’s sure for now is that you can travel and enjoy your vacation to Malta as now is accepting the NHS app.

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