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Rizzati brothers: chocolate and beer in Ferrara

16 April, 2020
It appears that Italy could become a real beer drinking nation after our pieces on Amiata Beer and Turin’s brewery. And now we’ve just discovered that the Rizzati brothers are experimenting in a beer/chocolate combination.Since 1997 the brothers have had…

Amiata Beer: the Countess and the Red Bitch

14 April, 2020
Having already written about the little pearls of artisan-made beer you can find in Italy, including in Turin, we’ve decided to check out the Birreria Amiata at Arcidosso, a town at the base of Monte Amiata near Grosseto, in Tuscany.The…

Piazza dei Mestieri: having a beer in Turin

10 April, 2020
Picture this: you are in Turin Italy and suddenly feel like having a beer. What to do? And above all where to go? Well I can suggest you right away a brewpub called Piazza dei Mestieri where you can have…

Italian beer: best is Baladin, from Piedmont

29 March, 2020
While Italian wine Barolo is famous around the world, it looks like some appreciation of Italian beer, particularly artisanal beer, is starting to emerge. The Herald Tribune reports on Teo Musso, from the famous Piedmontese brewery, Baladin. The journalist says:Halfway…

Zago: an old Brewery in Friuli

15 March, 2020
Many chefs have been using beer in their dishes for years so you won’t be surprised to hear that beer will have its own space at the next Vinitaly Fair in Verona. Zago an important brewery will be there to…

How This Peruvian People Avoided the War by Drinking Beer

12 February, 2020
A border town of the pre-Incan Huari empire woven diplomatic relations with neighboring peoples by organizing festivals based on chicha, a fermented beverage made from local berries. Alcohol production could continue unaltered during periods of drought and economic crisis.