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Christmas in italy

Christmas in the Italian Alps: market in Bressanone, Bolzano

24 April, 2020
If you’ve been to Italy’s mountain regions at Christmas, you’ll know about the magic of Christmas in Italy in the snow and cold, with Italian mulled wine and other treats for Christmas. The Christmas market in Bressanone, open until January…

Francesco Totti as Father Christmas

23 April, 2020
For some diversion on Sunday after Christmas, here is the Vodafone Christmas Card commercial featuring Italy’s star football player for Rome, Francesco Totti, as Santa Claus. He, together with his wife Ilary Blasi, is the face of Vodafone in Italy,…

Italian Christmas songs: new Christmas album from Irene Grandi

23 April, 2020
Italian singer Irene Grandi has prepared an Italian Christmas album, with versions of songs from Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublè and John Lennon, among others, as well as some Italian Christmas songs from Jovanotti and Carboni.The album will be out on…

Art, and Christmas markets in Rome for Christmas

22 April, 2020
With Christmas on the way and a new feel in the air, Rome is more beautiful than ever. Fairy lights and decorations make the city look like an old and nostalgic aristocrat waiting for her name to be announced at…

Christmas shopping in Rome: transport links

17 April, 2020
Christmas shopping in Rome will provide you with one of those opportunities to troop the streets of the city, really getting to know Rome’s shopping districts as you buy for Christmas. The problem is that shopping in a big city…

Italian Christmas recipes: homemade nutella cookies

11 April, 2020
We’ve got a wonderful Italian winter treat for you with these easy, homemade nutella cookies. With temperatures dropping, there’s nothing like a little chocolate to get you in the mood for snow and lazy Sundays by the fire. These biscuits…

Shopping in Rome: boutique candle store

10 April, 2020
If you want a treat for your shopping in Rome, you should check out the boutique shop Candle’s Store located in the San Lorenzo district, in via dei Campani. Giving candles as a gift has taken off in many countries,…

Julian Assange from Wikileaks in Italian Christmas nativity scenes

10 April, 2020
We’ve already talked of Italy’s famous nativity scenes, especially from Naples and the via S.Gregorio Armeno. The “presepe” (nativity scenes) workshops along this street are renowned for making famous figures as part of the scene, with previous appearances from Barak…

How to write an Italian Christmas card

9 April, 2020
Christmas in Italy is not normally a time when Italians make long lists of all the people they need to write Christmas cards to, spending a small fortune in stamps and stationery. In fact, probably because families still often live…

Epiphany in Italy: celebrating La Befana

8 April, 2020
The Italian tradition of “La Befana” or the witch who appears at Epiphany is one close to Italian hearts. It marks the end of the Christmas season and New Year festivities, and despite the commercial figure of Santa Claus bearing…

Underwater nativity scene on display in Italy

29 March, 2020
Some of Italy’s most beautiful nativity scenes can be found in Varese, which displays what are true works of art specific to the Christmas season and story of the birth of Jesus. The nativity scenes are among some of the…

Italian pastry: nutella triangles for Christmas

26 March, 2020
With this easy Italian recipe we continue our nutella treats for the Christmas season in Italy, if you want to branch out beyond your traditional tiramisù or Italian cakes. These are nutella-filled triangle pastries and if you use ready-made puff…