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Funny motorcycle videos

Bicycle vs Scooter Video

26 April, 2020
Getting your purse snatched is always a bad experience, but when chicken livered lowlifes grab it while riding a scooter or a motorcycle it also becomes dangerous, because you can fall or even get dragged, but in this case these…

Funny motorcycle videos: the Poser Biker

25 April, 2020
If you’ve got Monday-itis, here’s a funny motorcycle video to get you through the day. It comes from the guys at Motoblog.it and is part of their “moto ridendo” or “bike laughs” series. Enjoy!

Motorcycle Music from Japan

22 April, 2020
We all love the sound of a motorcycle engine, and depending on your taste it can be a Harley Davidson, an Aprilia RSV4 or a Ducati Desmosedici RR, but can you play a tune by revving a bike and can…

Funny Yamaha commercial from Italy

21 April, 2020
This is the first of a series of commericals by Yamaha Italy to promote their 2009 motorcycles and scooters line up.The theme behind the commercials is “Treat every Yamaha like it’s yours” and are directed by Palm d’Or Cannes Film…

Hammy the Stunt Rider

21 April, 2020
Travis Pastrana and Robbie Maddison move over because there’s a new stunt rider on the block and he is very good, very cool besides being very cute to watch.Does this qualify him for some sort of Guinness World Record for…

The secret life of bikers: hibernation video

18 April, 2020
This amusing video uses a nature documentary format to satirise the ’secret life of bikers’. The only thing missing is commentary by David Attenborough, although the guy speaking comes close. This particular episode is about the hibernation of the biker…

Aprilia real bikes for real men video

15 April, 2020
This funny motorcycle video comes from Aprilia and takes a jab at those riding around on Italian superbikes just for the look of them (with Ducati in the number one spot on the list). We don’t need convincing that Aprilia…

Riding Lessons Anyone?

13 April, 2020
Who really got the worst out of this accident? The wannabe biker, the real owner of this poor motorcycle or the innocent tree?

Vespa and the tablecloth trick (w/video)

13 April, 2020
BMW’s S 1000RR tablecloth trick was a hot item on the web, so how could we not expect some copycats doing the same?While BMW did the trick in big style showing off how powerful the S1000 RR is, these guys…

Sausage gets hit by Motorcycle Cop (w/video)

5 April, 2020
The title of this post isn’t misleading and you’d think it would be a funny motorcycle video if it didn’t actually happen during the traditional Milwaukee Brewers’ opening day racing sausages relay race.One of the contestants dressed as an Italian…

Motorcycle rider/Pizza Baker Got Talent

1 April, 2020
No wheelies or stoppies for this type of stunt riding. Pizzaiolo (pizza baker) Gerold Morandell, who in the German TV program Wetten, dass …? bets that he can ride a motorcycle, make a pizza from scratch, cook it in a…

Chinese watermelon scooter ride

30 March, 2020
This guy on a scooter is riding through the traffic in China with a watermelon on his head. What I want to know is, apart from why, is whether it has the bottom flattened off or is fixed in some…

Crazy French motorcycle video

29 March, 2020
FLASHby markito-2008With a hot northern summer upon us, we need a means to enjoy some downtime in the office as we think about holidays by the sea. This nutty little French video gives us just we need for a Friday…


27 March, 2020
Sometimes luck just runs out or s##t happens, but this is totally ridiculous. Can you imagine telling your friends or better yet your insurance company, that you were cruising down a street and you got hit by a large, white…

Motorcycle safety: dentists who ride bikes

26 March, 2020
We figure this safety commercial might give the message that you should respect motorcyclists not because they deserve respect but because they might be drilling your dental cavities one day, but then perhaps this is one case where the end…

Hitler wants to ride a Harley to Sturgis (w/video)

25 March, 2020
We’ve got another of those very funny Hitler video spoofs. This time Hitler wants to take part in the world famous Bike Week at Sturgis and wants to do it in style and that naturally means riding into town on…

The Fall of MotoGP (video spoof)

19 March, 2020
The Fall with Adolph Hitler berating his staff has been used and abused by everyone and in all languages for any spoof that can come to mind and website Misterhelmet.com has come up with their own personal interpretation on the…

Motorcycle wheelbarrow video

18 March, 2020
I like to think of this as the working man’s Segway, and whoever designed it is a domestic engineering genius in my books. This motorcycle wheelbarrow looks like it would take a lot of the hard work out of gardening,…

Dog Loves Riding (w/video)

16 March, 2020
This cute looking mutt that goes by the name of Cash, is a true motorcycle lover. No hanging his head out of a boring car window for this pooch, who rides up front to get the best thrills out of…