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Guinness world records

Matt Wadsworth to attempt world record jump (w/video)

15 April, 2020
Matt Wadsworth isn’t only a world class lutenist, he’s also blind, but this handicap won’t stop him from trying to attempt a a Guinness Book of World Records in trying for the longest jump on a motorcycle, but he’ll have…

Milan: the world's largest cup of herbal tea

12 April, 2020
If you want to drink from the world’s largest cup of herbal tea, you must go to Piazza Santo Stefano in Milan where just yesterday a barman boiled up 2005 litres of tea in a really huge tea kettle (2,20…

Mozzarella world record

9 April, 2020
Italy has created the longest mozzarella cheese braid in history, with the town of Sala Consilina making a world record cheese braid 78.8 metres long. This beats the previous record of 42.8 metres in 2007, and required four tonnes of…

Ronnie Renner sets Guinness World Record in Chicago

28 March, 2020
Ronnie Renner does it again and breaks his own Guinness World Record for the highest motorcycle jump off a quarterpipe.During the Red Bull High Rise event in Chicago on Saturday, Renner, a professional freestyle motocross athlete launched himself 63 feet,…

Longest painting in the world in Italy

23 March, 2020
In a country rich in art history, Italy has just added itself to the world records with the longest picture in the world made by Gabriele Jagnocco. Jagnocco is a painter-sculptor from the Scuola Romana who has achieved some success…