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Italian happy hour

Restaurants in Milan: wine, food and art at "Le Barrique"

19 April, 2020
These pics come from Milan’s wine bar “Le Barrique”, a sophisticated little spot not far from Parco Sempione and the Piccolo Teatro. In a side street called via Anfiteatro, that leads onto via Legnano, you’ll find “Le Barrique”: a bar,…

Happy Hour in Italy: bars, buffets and cocktails

18 April, 2020
All you can eat buffet and Happy Hour in Italy is the best! You can try Italian cocktails or a nice prosecco, paying a bit more for the drink and enjoying the Italian snacks available for free at the bar.…

Guide to Milan: happy hour and nightlife

9 April, 2020
While we sent out the challenge on Rome night life: best places to go and where to eat and drink, we’re setting up one on Milan as well. So anyone who’s been to Milan and is now an expert on…

Bellini and Rossini cocktails for happy hour

5 April, 2020
Coming into summer in Italy, it’s time to pop out for an “aperitivo” and if you have a lake view somewhere it’s even better. Italy has some classic cocktails to try, but today we’ll look at two named after a…

Happy hour in Rome at Ballantine's American Bar

29 March, 2020
If you’re looking for great happy hour in Rome, try the American Bar Ballantine’s when next you’re in the eternal city. It’s located on via Salvatore di Giacomo, 19/23 and has jumped on board the current trend of happy hour…

Bars in Rome: cocktails and wine at the Spanish Steps

16 March, 2020
We’ve looked at Rome’s nightlife more than once, and a holiday to Italy’s liveliest city wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a bar, and while you’re at it, why not choose a distinctive destination? Il Palazzetto is a bar…