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Happy Hour in Italy: bars, buffets and cocktails

All you can eat buffet and Happy Hour in Italy is the best! You can try Italian cocktails or a nice prosecco, paying a bit more for the drink and enjoying the Italian snacks available for free at the bar.

Just a little advice for living in Italy.
For Italian cocktails, try a negroni, aperol spritz, americano, bellini or rossini, or get some advice on the Italian wine available by the glass.

Go with white wine – only ignorant people wanting to show off go for red.
And when we say snacks, we don’t mean picky finger food.
We’re talking a smorgasboard of mega pasta salads, hot pasta dishes, savoury pastries galore, chillies stuffed with ricotta, various parmesan cheese platters, more prosciutto than one pig could provide etc etc.
But bear in mind our advice on drinking in Italy.
Check out the bars in Milan, Rome and towns all over the country between 6 and 8pm.

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