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Discovering Rome: the Rione Monti district

26 April, 2020
The Rione Monti district has always been a world apart from the other areas of Rome; even its dialect was slightly different from the one spoken in the city. In order to make room for the famous Via dei Fori,…

Happy Hour in Italy: bars, buffets and cocktails

18 April, 2020
All you can eat buffet and Happy Hour in Italy is the best! You can try Italian cocktails or a nice prosecco, paying a bit more for the drink and enjoying the Italian snacks available for free at the bar.…

Guide to Milan: happy hour and nightlife

9 April, 2020
While we sent out the challenge on Rome night life: best places to go and where to eat and drink, we’re setting up one on Milan as well. So anyone who’s been to Milan and is now an expert on…

Bellini and Rossini cocktails for happy hour

5 April, 2020
Coming into summer in Italy, it’s time to pop out for an “aperitivo” and if you have a lake view somewhere it’s even better. Italy has some classic cocktails to try, but today we’ll look at two named after a…

Touring Rome: live music in the Pigneto district

3 April, 2020
After walking the Pigneto district in Rome to discover an avant garde area of the eternal city, scene of Roma città aperta and Bar Necci, you can continue your exploration of this district by going over the Aquila bridge and…

Caffe al bacio: coffee with a chocolate kiss in Naples

31 March, 2020
A bar in Naples is serving up a new take on Italian coffee, called the “caffé al bacio”. “Bacio” means ‘kiss’ in Italian, and much like the bacio gelato flavour, this involves using Italy’s premier hazelnut spread, Nutella.The caffé al…

Happy hour in Rome at Ballantine's American Bar

29 March, 2020
If you’re looking for great happy hour in Rome, try the American Bar Ballantine’s when next you’re in the eternal city. It’s located on via Salvatore di Giacomo, 19/23 and has jumped on board the current trend of happy hour…

Touring Rome: the San Lorenzo district

24 March, 2020
The San Lorenzo district appears to encapsulate both the beauty and the shortcomings of Rome; partly destroyed by aerial attack during World War 2, San Lorenzo has, over the years, developed into a district of beautiful contrasts where old and…

The best street food and snacks in Milano and Florence

15 March, 2020
After our piece on Italians and their salami sandwiches, it seems snacks and street food is all the rage. The Repubblica newspaper has dedicated a double page spread to the new Italian fashion: the bread roll and all its forms.…