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Guide to Milan: happy hour and nightlife

While we sent out the challenge on Rome night life: best places to go and where to eat and drink, we’re setting up one on Milan as well.
So anyone who’s been to Milan and is now an expert on Italian aperitifs, snacks and cocktails, we need your suggestions to build up an itinerary.

I can start: don’t have an aperitif anywhere within a pigeon’s piss of the Duomo or you’ll pay ten euros a glass for your prosecco.
Though, I have to admit, we got table service for the snacks, none of that queuing up at the buffet, and they were pretty high quality snacks too.
We want to make a list of the best spots for happy hour in Milan.
We need costs, food quality and quantity, ambience, range of choice etc.
We’re particularly on the hunt for smaller places with character who aren’t in it to rip off the tourists.
We could start with Obikà in Via Mercato 28, or the Excelsa pasticceria in Via Mac Mahon 16, both around five to six euros which, when you consider you can nearly get a meal out of these places, is not bad at all.

Over to you.

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