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Italian soccer

Italian football players: interview with Luca Toni

22 April, 2020
A recent interview with style.it has revealed the inner musings of football stars and their love lives, or at least the musings of Luca Toni, ex Fiorentina player, who recently battled through the European championships along with the rest of…

Italy's football museum in Tuscany

14 April, 2020
Italy’s football museum is located in Tuscany, in the florentine area of Coverciano which is the technical centre of the Italian national football team.As a kind of sacred ground in Italian soccer, the museum shows the glory and pain of…

New stadium for Juventus football club in Turin

13 April, 2020
Plans for the new stadium for Juventus in Turin have been revealed, which in future will give Juventus the honour of being the first Italian football club to have its own stadium. The ambitious project will allow for spectator numbers…

Kakà to remain in AC Milan: back to the Beckhams in Italy

9 April, 2020
AC Milan keeps its star player Kakà and AC Milan fans continue their love-story with the Brasilian born player. After our post on the AC Milan-Manchester City talks of recent days, AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has revealed that the…