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La dolce vita

Victoria Beckham on life in Italy: la dolce vita

15 April, 2020
Victoria Beckham has revealed that she loves her life in Italy, and that it could be a future for David Beckham and the family.In an interview with Il Giornale, the former Spice Girl has said that she loves “spaghetti bolognese”,…

Guido Crepax sexy comic book heroine, Valentina

8 April, 2020
In the days before Lara Croft and Angelina Jolie, there was Valentina, a character from the fantasy of Guido Crepax that has since entered the erotic imagination of Italian culture and adult comic books. Valentina was a sexy photographer who…

125 years of Bulgari jewellery on display in Rome

30 March, 2020
The historic Italian brand of Bulgari will be on display from May 22nd to September 13th for a 125-year anniversary celebrated in the event “Between eternity and history: 1884-2009″ at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. About 500 jewelled objects…

Life in Italy: the dolce vita, Beppe Grillo and Italian wages

26 March, 2020
Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the episode from Australia’s Foreign Correspondent program on Italy and its new political scene. But I can imagine what it was like, as Italy’s image around the world, rightly or wrongly, slowly corrodes.The program…

Traffic in Italy: scooters and pedestrian crossings

19 March, 2020
This funny video on driving in Italy, and crossing the road, was filmed in Trieste which makes me laugh, because it’s not famous for its traffic as, say, driving in Rome or Naples. Basically the trick in Italy is once…