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Leonardo's Mona Lisa inspired by literary images

1 April, 2020
Throughout the centuries, art historians have speculated over Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece Mona Lisa; the famous portrait with its rather enigmatic smile and mysterious landscape behind the sitter has always triggered the strangest conjectures; conjectures, mind you, without any firm…

Florence: National Geographic to search for the lost Leonardo

26 March, 2020
In order to find out what happened to Leonardo‘s Battle of Anghiari, the city of Florence has stricken a deal with the National Geographic Society for 250,000 euros. The world’s most important Geographic society will now try to unearth a…

Sand Nativity scene on view at Jesolo

22 March, 2020
Besides being the place where every year many holidays makers decide to spend their summer holidays, the lovely town of Jesolo, near Venice, is also famed for its artistic Nativity scene which a group of talented artists every year make…

Milan's La Scala in virtual reality

14 March, 2020
On Milano.arounder.com there are some Quick Time Virtual Reality panoramas of Milan’s La Scala opera house. Above is an image from the Royal Box and on the site indicated you can also find shots of Da Vinci’s theLast Supper in…