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Motorcycle helmets

The Brain Cooling Helmet by ThermaHelm

20 April, 2020
This is one of the most interesting things to come out on safety and helmet technology, its called ThermaHelm and comes from inventor J. Preston-Powers out of the Sussex University Innovation Centre.Thermahelm incorporates a two packs of endothermic chemicals integrated…

Borsellino Helmets

19 April, 2020
You’ve seen Borsalino’ the famous Italian hatmaker idea of motorcycle liveries on Bimotas DB6 and DB5 so take a look at their range of luxurious, high fashion jet helmets. These fancy helmets may be okay while riding a Vespa or…

Why you Should Wear a Helmet

8 April, 2020
The video quality of this PSA commercial from Portugal is lousy, but the message is clear, wearing a lid will save your noggin, even if you get hit by a sledgehammer.

Torneo Helmets

30 March, 2020
How to do you combine your love for motorbikes and safety with love for other sports?Simple, with one of these Torneo Jet Helmets. These helmets faithfully reproduce four different sport balls: soccer, american football, volleyball, basketball and baseball.Created by Andrea…

Voztec Helmet – A new idea in safety (w/video)

24 March, 2020
Voztec is an Australian company who is developing this revolutionary idea for a full face motorcyle helmet that has a quick release feature that could save lives in case of head and suspected spinal injuries.This particular helmet doesn’t slid down…

Video: 40 years of New Max Helmets

20 March, 2020
Ever wondered how far motorcycle helmet tecnology and style has gone in these last forty years? New Max helmets shows you in this less than a minute video. Founded forty years ago Massimo Spriano, New Max still produces it’s Made…

Rose 'n' Roll helmet by NZI

19 March, 2020
With summer just around the corner, Spanish motorcycle helmet maker NZI has come up with very captivating looking jet helmet called Rose ‘n’ Roll which is part of their Helix IV 3D range, and is for all those fashionable ladies…

Hatari graphic and animation helmets (w/videos)

19 March, 2020
If you’re looking for something completely off the charts in helmet designs and visual gratification you may want to check out Hatari Helmets.Hatari is the newest kid on the block in helmet designs and what makes them different from everyone…