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New Aprilia SX and RX 125: did you just turn 16?

26 April, 2020
16 years old and looking to convince your dad to invest in your future while celebrating in style…? Well, if your dad’s not, Aprilia is at least thinking of you with its new Rx and SX 125: reduced cylinder versions…

Intermot 2008: Aprilia SX and RX 125 2009

22 April, 2020
Linked to the bigger sisters of the SXV and RXV, the little ones from Aprilia for new licence holders were going to be successful from the start. And so it has occurred with the Aprilia SX and RX 125 entering…

Tucson Superleggera BT550

18 April, 2020
The 550cc engine of the Aprilia SXV and RXV is a real technical gem - light and powerful. So why let it enjoy itself only on the offroad?Here’s why Tucson has decided to render a track version of this bike,…

Aprilia desert rally pics

11 April, 2020
These pics show some great scenes of the Aprilia desert rally among the pyramids and dunes of Egypt. This year’s 450 cc class rally was won for the second time in a row by Paolo Ceci with his RXV 4.5…