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Street art

Florence: authorities removed Clet's sculpture

24 April, 2020
A few days ago French artist Clet set one of his sculptures made of glass and metal on a bridge in Florence, but the artwork was almost immediately removed by the authorities since he had not obtained any official permission…

Rome street art: shop shutters as a canvas

13 April, 2020
Yesterday while I was taking a walk down the streets of Rome I came across a shop with a rather peculiar shutter painted by a street artist well known in Rome ( a few weeks ago people could even visit…

Banksy's masterpiece covered up in Naples

10 April, 2020
Inspired by Gianlorenzo Bernini’s statue, street artist Banksy painted a portrait of Saint Theresea on a wall in Naples; a personal reinterpretation of her ecstasy which in Banksy ‘s work was caused by indigestion from fast food. A small masterpiece…