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Team toth

Imre Toth laughs off rumors

21 April, 2020
The other week , several Italian websites were running the story that 250cc Team Toth was in dire financial difficulties and that Italian manufacturer Aprilia had placed Toth’s bikes under precautionary seizure until the Hungarian team, who defaulted the second…

Toth pays, Pasini rides

21 April, 2020
There will be no repeat of what happened in Team Toth at Assen, and Mattia Pasini can take a deep breathe this weekend, and concentrate only on his riding at Sachsenring,Team Toth has come up with the 100,000 euros to…

Team Toth Story – Assen Free Practice

8 April, 2020
Curious about what happened to Team Toth at Assen yesterday?Aprilia returned the bikes to Team Toth to have them undergo the pre-weekend technical checks, minus the electronic units. Without the units the bikes were useles and Aprilia would return them…

Mattia Pasini to sit out Sachsenring?

4 April, 2020
Mattia Pasini may not be competing in this weekend’s 250cc Sachsenring GP race and we may see another embarrasing repeat of what happened to Pasini and Team Toth during the Assen free practice last month.According to Gpone, Team Toth is…

Mattia Pasini hits out against MotoGP class

3 April, 2020
Grand Prix racing is not only the premier MotoGP class but also includes the 125cc and 250cc series that often gives us much closer and exciting racing.The leaders of these races often disappointed that the do not get the media…

More on the Aprilia-Team Toth Story

24 March, 2020
The story regarding Team Toth is getting more complicated and mysterious as the hours go by.According to Gpone.com ,who first reported the news about Toth’s financial difficulties, is now writing that Mattia Pasini’s #75 Aprilia is not in in Team…